Local Craftsmanship

Employing local craftsmen not only helps keep traditional skills alive, but ensures a fabulous finish on Orchid’s lacquered furniture.

Traditional restoration techniques passed down the generations ensure finishes and decoration are authentic. First the lacquer is mixed by hand until the desired colour is achieved. The lacquer is then applied using hand-made bamboo and horse-hair brushes. Layer upon layer is carefully applied, with each layer being carefully rubbed down before applying the next. Final layers are then applied with cotton wadding and a clear lacquer is then applied for ultimate protection.

The patina of this hand applied lacquer simply oozes luxury and depth - this could not be achieved with a mass produced or spray finish - and we feel the result is unbeatable. Each lacquered piece is then "baked" in a brick-lined hot-room to harden the lacquer to its resilient finish.

Silver leaf is carefully applied before being lacquered for protection; the robust metallic finish, so typical of oriental design, could not be achieved through any technique other than this time-honoured method.