At Orchid, we have a knack for fusing east with west and old with new. Our media storage collection beautifully showcases this melting pot of influences and styles. It includes clever, characterful storage solutions that hide your tech while complementing your décor. Who knew that centuries-old design could be so relevant to our modern needs!

A media unit from Orchid offers an ingenious and unique way to store set-top boxes, games consoles, remote controls and more. Thoughtfully positioned access in the back allows for clutter-free cable arrangements, while your TV sits on top. Set a low media storage unit beneath a wall-mounted TV to create a stylish focal point. Nestle a slim media storage cabinet in an alcove or by your favourite armchair to create a relaxation station. With unsightly tech under wraps, you’ll achieve a streamlined and harmonious home.

As for colour, we pride ourselves on our palette of both calming and invigorating tones. Go for joyful red or inky blue to suit a bohemian space; pick soothing grey, glossy black or rich brown to add depth to a neutral scheme. Mix and match your colours in a collection of Chinese lacquer furniture or choose a single bold hue to stand out loud and proud!
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