There’s something deeply charming about a wooden stool tucked under a rough-hewn kitchen table, casually lingering in a country-cottage porch, artistically positioned in a contemporary study. Orchid has an inspiring selection of Chinese wooden stools - including genuine antiques and handmade styles – brimming with character and vivid colour. They feature gently dished seats for comfort and are as decorative as they are practical.

Looking for a wooden stool for the bathroom? A single rectangular wooden stool is a hero accessory and handy towel storage. Need a rustic wooden stool for your farmhouse kitchen? Our pieces have distressed finishes that work beautifully. Purchase a set in mismatched colours for a playful look! Team a small wooden stool with your Chinese dressing table or display a pair alongside your other Chinese lacquer furniture.

Our antique Chinese stools are faithfully restored using time-honoured techniques. Traces of their original lacquer offer a glimpse into the past and another family’s lifetime. As for our new pieces, they’re lovingly handmade and hand-lacquered for authenticity. The colours – imperial yellow, China blue, harmonious green and more – pop against any backdrop. You’ll have a slice of traditional design and craftsmanship along with a unique seating arrangement that suits your tastes and lifestyle. 

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