When it comes to home storage, it pays to think outside the box. A Chinese trunk makes an aesthetically-pleasing and practical storage solution for all manner of items. At Orchid, we offer a selection of Chinese antique trunks alongside our exclusive, contemporary Mandarin trunk. Whether your interior style is eclectic, minimalist, rustic farmhouse or glam bohemian, you’ll find a Chinese trunk chest to suit.

As with all oriental furniture, colour is a standout element of our Chinese painted trunks. Traditional red, blue and black feature heavily throughout our collection; striking hues that are also symbolic within Chinese culture. Finishes may be sleek and glossy with hints of eastern design to suit a luxe modern space. Or they may be elaborately decorated and have distressed edges to match an ethnic interior.

Style is nothing without substance, so our Chinese storage trunks are also robust and roomy. Crafted from camphor wood, they’re naturally moth-repellent, making them ideal for housing out-of-season clothes or linens at the foot of your bed. They make excellent toy storage in children’s rooms too! And if you’re fond of the quirky and multifunctional, why not try the Chinese trunk coffee table trend? Store books and magazines inside and set your cup of green tea on top.
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