A Chinese wardrobe makes a striking focal point in any bedroom. It anchors your décor scheme, introducing a bold splash of colour and bags of vintage charm. It also provides much-needed storage space for clothing, shoes and linens. At Orchid, we give you a choice of antique and new Chinese wardrobes, all of which are brimming with character and impressive craftsmanship.

The Chinese wedding cabinet provides the inspiration for our wardrobe collection. In China, such cabinets were traditionally owned by women and filled over the years with oriental silks and linens. This was then presented to the groom on the eve of the wedding. The circular, pewter “togetherness panel” with sliding pin lock symbolises the joining of two halves in one love. Typically, these cabinets feature two removable shelves and a hanging rail, making them beautifully suited to modern storage needs.

Thanks to Orchid, you can give an antique Chinese wedding cabinet a fresh purpose in a new century. Time-worn but meticulously restored, a Chinese marriage chest makes a fabulous statement piece for the home. Think beyond the bedroom and turn your cabinet into hallway storage for coats, a towel cupboard in the bathroom or a bookcase in the study.

Choose a newly-handmade Chinese style wardrobe and you get an exciting mix of eastern and western design. Hand-lacquered in vivid, glossy colours, these pieces are finished with brass hardware, sometimes decorated with the Chinese zodiac. Whether you opt for old or new, you’ll have a piece of oriental bedroom furniture you’ll love to show off.
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