Chinese Ceramic Stools

A Chinese ceramic stool is both beautiful and multifunctional. These exquisite pieces serve as authentically eastern décor, unique seating options, and unusual side tables too. Depictions of lithe dragons, dancing in traditional blue and white against glossy ceramic, bring unmistakable oriental flair to your space. The myriad practical uses enhance your interior and your enjoyment of your home.

Thanks to Orchid, you can style your outside space as you would your interior – with lashings of Asian flavour. A Chinese garden stool makes for an elegant sculpture on your deck or patio and doubles as a handy resting place for drinks. You can also use a ceramic garden stool as a characterful plant stand! Moving indoors, perhaps you’d like an unconventional Chinese bedside table? A chinoiserie ceramic stool will elevate your décor with its soothing hues and intricate details.

Our Chinese ceramic drum stool collection includes pieces in classic blue and white as well as harmonious shades of green. Each one is hand-painted and artistically carved. If you’re looking for authentic ceramic stools in the UK – to use as casual seating for unexpected guests or simply to display like a rare work of art – shop the range at Orchid.

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