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With the use of traditional skills handed over through centuries come these beautiful pieces, perfect for those who seek peace and tranquillity in their home. Whether you're looking for blue and white china or a simple brown pottery planter, we've covered everything. Take yourself on a trip to China without leaving your house with these gorgeous ceramics.

Orchid's ceramics selection includes much-loved ginger and temple jars, vases, bowls, dishes, planters and garden stools. Perfect decoration for any room in your home. It will brighten up the living room, bring elegance to a bedroom or transform a hallway or bathroom.

Traditional selection includes timeless blue and white Chinese pottery, decorated with indigo blue pigment on a white background applied with a brush and then glazed over. Blue and white porcelain are initially invented in China and become one of the most well-known Chinese products. Design is timeless, it will never go out of style.

A great addition to any interior design and style; oriental and traditional but also contemporary. Works well with just about any colour, from warm reds and oranges to cool greys, blues and greens.

Contemporary selection includes beautiful bowls hand-decorated with elements of nature. Fantastic accessories for a coffee table or dining room centrepiece. Due to their uniqueness and individuality, they make the most beautiful gift for any occasion.

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