A beautiful Chinese lamp, thoughtfully positioned, brings a final flourish and a comforting glow to any space. Chinese table lamps are the perfect complement to a wide range of interiors and furniture styles, from oriental to industrial. Whether you’re looking for mood lighting or task lighting, a table lamp for your living room or a bedside table lamp, you’ll find the right design at Orchid.

Choose a Chinese porcelain table lamp for a sophisticated finishing touch in your living room, dining room or bedroom. We have styles ranging from fresh blue and white to classy neutrals and paintbox brights. Many are embellished with florid patterns inspired by nature and Chinese mythology. A blue and white porcelain table lamp is the traditional choice; a table lamp with a glass base puts a modern spin on oriental design.

For the contemporary home, we have a selection of industrial-style table lamps. Burnished bronze finishes and quirky accents set these styles apart, making them fabulous focal points when placed on an antique sideboard. True to the Orchid aesthetic, our modern table lamp collection is not without colour. You’ll find glossy, curvy bases in bold hues topped with simple yet chic contrasting drum shades. They’re our trend-led take on the Chinese ceramic table lamp, designed to suit both minimalist and maximalist interiors.

If you’re looking for something truly special, consider our Chantilly lamp. Available in two styles, Chantilly features a light-up base that generates a warm glow through intricately cut patterns. Position this exquisite lamp on a side table to set the mood for an evening’s entertaining. Or use it as a table lamp for your hallway to make your home feel welcoming.

Shades are included with all our table lamps, so you can simply display your chosen design and switch it on to elevate your room!
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