Chinese Ginger Jars & Asian Temple Jars

Ginger jars and temple jars are among the most recognisable of Chinese ceramics. They originated in China during the Qin Dynasty and were traditionally used for storing spices. By the 19th century, these attractive jars were introduced to Europe, where people used them as decorative objects. Today, Chinese ginger jars and temple jars are sought for their distinctive, characterful oriental design.  
Browse our collection and you’ll notice the differences between the two types of the jar. Ginger jars are typically round and squat with flattish lids. Temple jars are more elongated and vase-like in shape, with pointed ornamentation on the lids. Blue and white ceramic is the most familiar and popular, though you may also find a ginger jar in white or vivid colours. Our Chinese temple jars and ginger jars are handmade and hand-painted, often depicting floral motifs, landscapes, village scenes, cedar trees or birds.
A single ginger jar in blue and white makes for a classy room accent; a group has a real impact. Smaller jars can be displayed symmetrically on a mantel or shelf; a large ginger jar makes an impressive fireplace accessory. Try grouping a few temple jars with other decorative objects on your Chinese sideboard. These beautiful ceramics suit most interiors, from rustic to coastal, traditional to eclectic.

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