Chinese Tassels

Oriental tassels add a little playfulness to an interior scheme. Our silk tassel collection puts a modern spin on the traditional Chinese good luck token, with bright colours and beautifully carved charms. Decorative and meaningful, they make the perfect accent for a door handle, drawer knob, curtain pole or bedpost. In fact, our Chinese tassels bring a sprinkling of style and symbolism to any piece of furniture, so you can let your creativity loose!
Each of our oriental tassels is fully handmade in China, from the hand-tied silk strands to the hand-carved soapstone and jade stone charms. Intricately carved with traditional motifs, the charms variously inspire luck, fortune, peace, strength, protection and happiness. The colours too are symbolic and infinitely chic, pairing well with countless design schemes from contemporary to rustic to bohemian.
Our Chinese tassel charms are more than just home décor accessories. Purchased at a significant moment in your life, they become unique keepsakes that spark memories. They can be personal talismans to bring harmony during hard times; hold the soapstone carving in your hand to feel its spiritual power. Chinese jade charms also make thoughtful, unusual gifts, particularly for birthdays or weddings, in keeping with Chinese tradition.

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