An Enchanting Fusion of Eastern Traditions
and Western Trends

Chinese antique furniture and accessories for a home like no other


Creating Timeless Yet Distinctive Interiors

Orchid’s oriental furniture and accessories are chosen with style and function in mind. They’re exclusive but versatile, demonstrating ageless design while touching upon current trends. They’re investment pieces that will move with you from home to home, effortlessly complementing your latest interior look or lifestyle.

To complement our oriental furniture, we offer a selection of lamps, home accessories and soft furnishings. Discover contemporary and traditional Chinese table lamps alongside inspirational Buddha statues, sumptuously soft throws and vibrant cushions.

Orchid offers an enticing collection of pieces old and new. Whether you love the comforting, time-worn charm of a vintage item or the joyful burst of glossy colour on a modern piece, you’ll find “the one” at Orchid.


Furniture That Feeds the Soul

At Orchid, we favour characterful interiors with visual and emotional impact. Our Asian furniture transforms not just the look but the feel of your home, making it a place you never want to leave.

We believe that colour has the power to calm, uplift, inspire, bring joy, tell your story and change your life. Introducing colour to your space, whether with Chinese lacquer furniture or an oriental-inspired accessory, can transform your environment and emotions. We’ll show you colours you may not have considered but that could make the difference between a space and a sanctuary.

Emotions can be stirred by objects too. An antique Chinese cabinet can have a profound impression on your senses (and your house guests!). The furniture’s provenance gives it personality; it's craftsmanship ensures a lifetime of use. Our Chinese antiques have weathered many generations since their construction. When you introduce an antique to your interior, it begins a new chapter in your home and life.


Transcending Time, Place and Trends

Orchid offers a tantalising mix of old and new pieces, from genuine Chinese antiques to authentic reproductions. You’ll undoubtedly find something that speaks to you, whether you dream of a Chinese wedding cabinet in your living room or a lacquered trunk that boosts your bedroom’s style and storage.

Our founder, Mimmi, sources traditional 19th and 20th century furniture from various provinces across China. These are then lovingly restored by artisans we’ve trusted since Orchid’s conception. The artisans use traditional techniques passed down through generations to breathe new life into time-worn pieces.

From refurbishing the structure to applying the last brushstroke of lacquer, every stage of the restoration process is handled with the utmost respect for the piece. Mimmi will often suggest a bold, unexpected colour palette, to keep the design evolving and introduce you to exciting style concepts.

As for our reproduction pieces, these are expertly handcrafted and hand-finished to our designs. Mimmi takes an ethical and hands-on approach, visiting our artisan factories and ensuring only reclaimed wood and sustainable materials are used.


Antique Rarities and Authentic Replicas

History is intrinsic to everything we do at Orchid. We cherish the intricate designs on the traditional Asian furniture we source; we’re fascinated by the items’ provenance. With the help of master craftsmen, we painstakingly preserve our Chinese antiques, so they may continue to impress new generations.

Whether a salvaged blue sideboard or an antique console table, each piece has meaning through its colour, form and decoration. Beneath the lovingly restored patina is a story that sparks in you an emotional connection.

Alongside our antiques, we also offer a collection of reproduction oriental furniture. We’re inspired by the sublime designs of the Ming and Qing dynasties, cleverly replicating them for western living. Our reproduction furniture comes in a spectrum of vivid colours and a range of practical sizes to suit your home and lifestyle.


Stylish and Symbolic Shades

Colour is used symbolically in Chinese culture, with different colours having different meanings. Introduce colourful Chinese furniture to your home, and you invite unique style while influencing your life’s path.

Our most popular pieces include Chinese blue sideboards and green oriental cabinets. Blue represents positivity and is often used in the home alongside green for harmony. You’ll undoubtedly be drawn to the bolder hues too. Imagine a scarlet-red Chinese console table in your hall or an uplifting orange sideboard in your dining room. Red is an instantly recognisable Chinese colour, representing happiness and good luck. Orange symbolises gold and good fortune.

At Orchid, we hope our colour palette will inspire you to make adventurous choices. Colourful Chinese lacquer furniture could be the final flourish your home needs.


For a Truly Personal Interior

We believe your home should be filled with remarkable things that showcase your individuality. If you don’t find those things in our collections, get in touch to ask about our bespoke services.

We can source antique Chinese furniture to your specifications. We can also recreate many of our new designs to your preferred size and/or colour. Our artisans will handcraft you a custom piece of oriental furniture and hand-finish it with a lacquer in your chosen colour.


Furniture Care

Orchid’s lacquered wood furniture is hand-made and restored by craftsmen in China who use traditional skills and materials passed down through the generations. The antique furniture is restored using reclaimed materials to sympathetically match the original wood, hard-ware and colours. With a little care your Chinese furniture will last a lifetime, and the information here will teach you how to keep it looking as gorgeous as the day you bought it.