Oriental Paintings

Splashes of rainbow colours creating a kaleidoscopic landscape on textural canvas… Flicks of ebony ink forming delicate branches and misty mountains… Fine lines and lifelike details depicting exotic birds from far-flung islands… Chinese art is among the most exquisite, captivating and inspirational in the world. Thanks to Orchid, you can invite the mysterious charm and unmatched creativity of ancient culture into your 21st-century home.
Here, you’ll discover original hand-painted abstract art by our local Chinese artist, Tian Lu. Through oil on canvas, Lu brings seasons and cityscapes to life in glorious colour and mesmerising shapes. Tian Lu’s work hangs in many important buildings across China, so by choosing her abstract paintings, you’ll be in good company. We also offer framed Chinese ink paintings by Shengwen Yu. These classic eastern designs feature calligraphy brushstrokes in black to create multi-layered masterpieces.
Orchid’s collection of paintings includes something for every décor scheme and room size. We celebrate local talent and authentic artistry, bringing you pieces of unrivalled beauty to transform your living space. From Tian Lu paintings and modern abstract art to traditional ink brush paintings and oriental art prints, we bring you the very best of east meets west.

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