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Elevate your Garden with Oriental Touches

Elevate your Garden with Oriental Touches

 Blending Tradition and Modernity in Outdoor Spaces

In today's world, gardens aren't just about plants. They've transformed into havens of tranquillity and style, extensions of our homes, resonating with personality and charm. Immerse your outdoor space in the timeless allure of the Orient with elements that evoke centuries-old traditions.



The Timeless Appeal of Oriental Elements

Oriental decor, with its blend of intricate designs, bold colours, and profound symbolism, doesn't just beautify — it narrates tales of ancient craftsmanship and culture. By weaving these touches into your garden, you craft a distinctive blend of serenity and elegance.


Ceramic Stools: Multifunctionality Meets Aesthetics

These traditional beauties from ancient China aren't just about good looks:

  • Versatile Seating: Perfectly stationed around a table or scattered for casual seating.
  • Stylish Side Tables: Ideal beside your lounger for afternoon refreshments.
  • Plant Pedestals: Raise your plants to new heights, both literally and stylistically.
  • Solo Statements: Their detailed designs make them standalone art pieces, especially when kissed by sunlight.


Incorporating a Mélange of Oriental Elegance

Dive deeper into the oriental treasure trove:

  • Granite Monk Statues: These silent sentinels channel peace and reflection, evoking the serenity of ancient temples.
  • Chinese Lion Stone Statues: Symbolic guardians, these majestic figures bring an air of strength and protection.
  • Fish Statues: Emblems of abundance and prosperity in Chinese culture, these are both beautiful and fortuitous.
  • Filigree Taillights: When lit, they cast intricate shadows, creating a play of light and design.
  • Large Stone Vases: Station these strategically for visual impact, perhaps filled with tall grasses or bamboo.
  • Outdoor Cushions & Rugs: A splash of color and pattern, these combine comfort with style, making your outdoor spaces inviting and vibrant.


Preserving the Beauty

Crafted for durability, oriental pieces still benefit from a touch of care. Place ceramic stools on even ground, and consider covering or moving them during inclement weather. Granite and stone statues, resilient as they are, can be occasionally cleaned to maintain their splendour. For fabric elements like cushions and rugs, store them indoors during harsh conditions and ensure they're dry before storage to prevent mildew.

Final Thoughts

Transform your garden into more than just an outdoor space — make it a journey. A journey that, with every step, takes you through the pages of ancient Oriental tales and traditions. At Orchid, we're here to guide and inspire. Be it in the digital realm or our Hampshire interiors shop, embark on your oriental garden adventure with us.


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