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In collaboration with Wendy Morrison, we unite vibrant design and meticulous craftsmanship. Wendy’s rugs, wallpapers, and fabrics are not just accessories; they're pieces of art that bring stories and emotions into any room, making it feel special. Together, we aim to transform walls into narrative spaces where beauty, skill, and history come to life, making every piece of the collaboration a testament to our shared vision.

Our combined work introduces Wendy's beautiful wall paper and our classic Chinese furniture striking a balance between old and new, East and West. This mix not only looks good but tells a story, making our designed spaces more than just pretty sights—they become places filled with inspiration. The Mandela Wallpaper shown here, against our Chinese cabinets and sideboards, blends joy with elegance and makes rooms that not only look amazing but feel amazing too.

Adding our selection of lacquer furniture brings another dimension to these interiors. The shiny finish of these pieces reflects light, adding brightness and depth. This effect, when combined with Morrison's designs, results in homes full of vibrant colors and textures. The use of oriental furniture shows how thoughtful design can change not just the look but the feel of a room, creating something truly unique and luxurious.

Our partnership with Wendy Morrison is all about celebrating the craftsmanship and beauty of what we bring into our homes. We hope this inspires you as much as it does us, encouraging you to bring beauty, joy, and inspiration into your own spaces.

Decorating with these elements means more than just arranging objects; it's about creating a conversation between the room, its history, and your personal style. Here are some tips:

  • Mixing Bold with Subtle: Pair Wendy Morrison's striking wallpapers with our simple yet elegant Oriental furniture for a balanced, energetic room.
  • Creating Highlights: Use Chinese furniture as the room's standout piece, with the wallpaper acting as an engaging background that complements without taking over.
  • Adding Stories with Accessories: Choose accessories that add to your room's story, like vases or textiles, matching your furniture and wallpaper's colors or designs.
  • Building Layers: Add depth by mixing textures and colors between your furniture and walls. This creates a more interesting space that draws the eye and imagination.

Chinese furniture offers timeless elegance that, when combined with Wendy Morrison’s vibrant wallpapers, allows for personal expression in your interior design. The solid, classic feel of a Chinese Wedding Cabinet, paired with the lively wallpapers, creates tranquil yet creatively alive spaces.

To decorate effectively, consider the overall tone and function of the room. A Chinese console table could be a stunning centerpiece in a living room, especially against a colourful, patterned wallpaper that complements it perfectly. Balance is key – ensure each element complements the other and that lighting enhances both furniture and wallpaper textures and colors.

Join us in this rewarding design journey. Explore collections that are born from passion, designed with elegance, and crafted with attention. Bring Orchid and Wendy Morrison into your space, transforming not just your home but enhancing your everyday living.

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