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Width (cm)
16 41 16 to 41
Depth (cm)
16 41 16 to 41
Height (cm)
37 135 37 to 135
Price (£)
0 495 0 to 495
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Choose from contemporary and traditional lighting to complete a room, whilst bringing a warm glow for rest, work or play. From traditionally oriental to modern contemporary in a myriad of colours and finishes, Orchid has the perfect lamp to show off your home.
Chinese ceramic lamps have long been a popular style as both traditional table lamps and the more modern interpretations ad contemporary table lamps. Orchid’s extensive ranges include ginger jar lamps and temple jar lamps – choice is plentiful of traditional Chinese blue and white porcelain lamps as well a traditional Oriental lamp styles with multi-coloured bases.
Other Asian styles including stone statue bases such as a Chinese horse design are most popular for focal table lamps and we always stock pairs of table lamps as these of course create maximum impact for beautiful lighting solutions.