The world of interior design is saying goodbye to the extensive use of grey and beige, welcoming the warmth of new neutrals instead. At Orchid, we are at the forefront of this exciting shift, offering a range of sideboards, lighting, and interior accessories that embody these trends.

Peak Petersen, an acclaimed interior designer, notes, 'stark white spaces are being replaced by earthy, layered palettes. Cool grey rooms are also on the way out, as a preference for warmth and dimensionality is becoming more popular.' This trend is all about creating inviting spaces that feel both modern and cosy.

The new neutrals are characterized by palettes of pale pinks, soft yellows, and cosy browns. These colours are versatile and can be used as accents in your furnishings or as the dominant colour throughout a room. Natalia Miyar, another expert in the field, shares, 'delicate pinks, soft neutrals, and warm browns are great to use if you want to achieve a natural, modern and uncluttered aesthetic, and they make any room feel cosy and comforting.'

Why Choose New Neutrals?

  1. Warmth and Comfort: These colours create a welcoming atmosphere in any room, making your home feel cosy and inviting.
  2. Versatility: New neutrals can be paired together to create a cohesive look or used individually to highlight specific areas.
  3. Modern Aesthetic: Move away from the cold and stark trends of the past. Embrace a natural and modern look that is uncluttered and stylish.

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Explore our range of sideboards that offer both functionality and style. Pair them with our exquisite lighting options to create the perfect ambiance in your home. Don't forget to add our interior accessories, which come in these beautiful new neutral shades, to complete your look.

At Orchid, we are committed to helping you transform your home with the latest trends. Visit our store or shop online to discover how you can incorporate these warming, earthy colors into your living space.

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