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Exploring Mimmi's Bold Choices in Furniture Selection

In the vast world of interior design, colours often act as silent storytellers, setting the tone of a space, conveying emotions, and reflecting personal tastes. While many lean into classic, safe palettes, there are those like Mimmi who dare to challenge the norm, bringing a splash of the unexpected into the homes of many. Let’s dive deep into the daring world of unexpected colour choices, led by Orchid’s visionary founder, Mimmi Brink.


Daring to be Different: Mimmi's Journey with Colour

Colour, in its essence, isn’t just a visual treat; it’s an experience. Mimmi’s journey with Orchid has been nothing short of a colour revolution. From the very start, her passion for furniture was tinged with an audacious love for shades and hues that many would overlook. But for Mimmi, these aren't just colours; they're the soul of the piece.


The Symphony of the Unexpected

Imagine a vintage cabinet, a relic of a bygone era, resplendent in a daring shade of electric blue or vibrant orange. Such choices might baffle the traditionalist, but Mimmi's selections are a nod to a harmonious blend of the old and the new. She understands that while the structure speaks of its rich past, the colour can anchor it in the present.



What Drives the Bold Choices?

For Mimmi, the choice of an unexpected palette is not merely for shock value. It’s a deeply rooted belief that colour has the power to transform - to calm, uplift, inspire, and evoke joy. By introducing audacious shades, even in traditionally designed furniture, Mimmi believes that one can truly change not just the aesthetic of a space, but its entire vibe.



Inspiring a New Generation of Homeowners

Orchid, under Mimmi’s guidance, has managed to make colour choices that resonate with both the millennial homeowner and the vintage enthusiast. A lacquered trunk in radiant red or a console table in glossy green might be reminiscent of modern design but place it in any setting, and it bridges the gap between different design eras seamlessly.



Stepping into a World of Colour with Orchid

As we continue to embrace the unexpected in design, Mimmi's vision becomes more relevant. The world isn't just black and white, and neither should our furniture be. At Orchid, every piece curated and restored under Mimmi’s watchful eye invites you to step out of your comfort zone, to challenge the norm, and to truly embrace the beauty of unexpected colour.




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