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Make your home the best it’s ever been……with our help.


Why does my room feel flat? Adding texture to your home is key and right now we all need to have our home at its best whilst we spend so much time there and looks as though we will be for some weeks to come.

With more time on your hands, have you been looking around thinkng…there is something just not quite right about this room? This could be so much better, more homely/cosy? Orchid’s clients frequently come to us with that exact predicament in search of inspiration - the biggest culprit is often a lack of texture or colour;

Texture adds weight, balance and depth to a room. Adding texture & colour appeals to the senses, both visual and tactile, which make the room interesting, intimate and grounded. That ‘homey’ feel we’re all looking for? It’s all rooted in texture & colour.

So while life’s pace has slowed in these extraordinary times and we have time to look around us and perhaps notice those corners or rooms which have never been their best, let’s find some positives and “get around to it” together. 

Send us photos, of a room, a hallway, or perhaps a place where you’ve made changes but it hasn’t quite become what you’d hoped…… then we can call, email or send through suggested ideas and images of inspiration for you.

 If you’re struggling to think outside the box and cast fresh eyes over your project, that’s where we can help, we love getting our ‘style fix’  - very often using your existing pieces but in a different place or style – when we start to lay out options and ideas, it’s so rewarding to see the excitement building when you realise you have something you weren’t necessarily aware of and how fabulous a few change arounds or additions can make. (Fake plants are great for cheering up dark corners, whilst also adding that important texture.) Real plants actually add oxygen to a room.

Best of all we recognise that your treasured pieces are what makes the house yours and nobody else’s; treasured memories through decorative accessories and photo collages find new life in a room which you put together, but with some additions to pull the scheme together for a look with flair and a touch of luxe.

Right now, whilst home visits are strictly off the agenda, this is something we can do remotely. Plus of course you may decide to include some very special Orchid furniture, or accessorise with our special decoratives, gorgeous cushions or a new lamp.

Lastly and very importantly, if you HAVE achieved your dream room using Orchid’s furniture or accessories, then please do send photos as we just love seeing our pieces “in a real home”


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