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  1. Chinese Antiques (27)
  2. Chinese Classics (12)
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  5. The Kowloon Collection (3)
Width (cm)
45 236 45 to 236
Depth (cm)
22 57 22 to 57
Height (cm)
41 175 41 to 175
Price (£)
0 2895 0 to 2895
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Oriental Furniture Collections

Browse Orchid’s lacquered wooden furniture by collection; Hand-restored wooden Chinese Antique furniture dating from the late 1800s, the exclusive, in-house designed, Mandarin, Hampton an Kowloon Collections - a contemporary collection of perfectly lacquered furniture with an Oriental influence reflected minimalist lines and the Chinese Classics; Oriental furniture reproduced in size and colour, to suit the western home; all made using the same original methods of hand-mixing lacquers which is applied by hand, building layer upon layer for an unbeatable patina and timeless premium finish.