At Orchid, we favour characterful interiors with visual and emotional impact. Our Asian furniture transforms not just the look but the feel of your home, making it a place you never want to leave.

We believe that colour has the power to calm, uplift, inspire, bring joy, tell your story and change your life. Introducing colour to your space, whether with Chinese lacquer furniture or an oriental-inspired accessory, can transform your environment and emotions. We’ll show you colours you may not have considered but that could make the difference between a space and a sanctuary.

Emotions can be stirred by objects too. An antique Chinese cabinet can have a profound impression on your senses (and your house guests!). The furniture’s provenance gives it personality; it's craftsmanship ensures a lifetime of use. Our Chinese antiques have weathered many generations since their construction. When you introduce an antique to your interior, it begins a new chapter in your home and life.

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