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Width (cm)
52 160 52 to 160
Depth (cm)
27 51 27 to 51
Height (cm)
81 184 81 to 184
Price (£)
0 2895 0 to 2895
  The BIG Winter Furniture Sale
  The BIG Winter Furniture Sale
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Dressers & Tall Cabinets

A tall lacquered oriental cabinet offers fabulous storage for glassware, table linens and tableware. An oriental lacquered dresser or tall Chinese antique cupboard brings drama to the dining room as a powerful focal point. Dining room storage at Orchid offers coloured sideboards, Chinese antique sideboards, oriental lacquered wood cabinets and decorated dressers. A sumptuous oriental lacquered cabinet is the perfect storage for the most dramatic room in the house.
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